How to Color a Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower

Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers are for tropical treasures which are known for their bright and captivating colors. These tropical flowers represent royalty, power, and respect. Coloring a Hawaiian hibiscus flower is a delightful subject for creative artists.

If you are searching for ways to bring this tropical treasure to life through vibrant and bright colors, then you can read through this entire blog post.  I will guide you on the steps of how to color a coloring page of Hawaiian hibiscus flower with different coloring techniques and lively colors. Also, we have free coloring pages of Hibiscus Flowers on this website for your coloring fun. See the link to the Hibiscus coloring pages.

Coloring page of Hibiscus Flower

Supplies Needed to Color a Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower

Before you start coloring, ready your coloring supplies. There are certain coloring supplies you need to have and they are:

These are the coloring supplies you need to have before you can start coloring. Once you have these coloring supplies, you can proceed to the next step.

How To Color a Hawaiian Hibiscus

When coloring a Hawaiian hibiscus, you get to feel the aloha spirit and explore your creativity. In this section of this blog, I will provide steps on how to color a coloring page of Hawaiian hibiscus.

  1. Select The Right Coloring Supplies

Before coloring your Hawaiian hibiscus flower, you need to have the right coloring supplies. There are several options for coloring supplies such as markers, watercolors, crayons, or colored pencils. You can decide to use watercolors as they offer a more natural look. Or you can choose to use coloring pencils for precise coloring.

  1. Understand the Hawaiian Hibiscus

Before you start coloring the Hawaiian hibiscus flower it is important to understand the features of the flower. Also known as the state flower of Hawaii, the Hawaiian hibiscus flower is a tropical flower. Its petals are full, large, and bright and it has a vibrant red center.

  1. Choose Your Color Palette

Next, you choose your color palette. Choose colors that are similar to the Hawaiian hibiscus natural flower. Although the flower grows in different colors such as orange, pink, yellow, and red, however, you can use other bright colors and create your unique hibiscus flower.

  1. Sketch and Outline the Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower

Use a quality pencil to sketch the Hawaiian Hibiscus flower shape. Make use of light strokes to create the flower’s center, petals, and leaves.

  1. Color The Flower Petals

Start painting the flower petals with a base color. Use the lightest color and then slowly move to the darker shade. By using this technique, you will be able to add depth and dimension to your coloring.

  1. Color The Center of The Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower

After coloring the petals, the next thing is to color the center of the Hawaiian hibiscus flower on the coloring page. You can use a contrasting color to color the center of the flower.

  1. Color the Flower Leaves

To color the flower leaves and veins, you a darker shade of green. To color the other part of the leaf, use a lighter shade of green.

  1. Blend the Colors

Blend the colors to create a smooth transition between the colors. Use blending tools such as tissue to blend the colors for a natural look.

  1. Highlight and Shade

Adding highlights to your coloring gives it depth and texture. Make use of a white colored pencil to add highlights to the flower petals and leaves. You can use a darker shade of color to add shadows to the flowers.

  1. Add Background

Adding a background to your Hawaiian Hibiscus flower will complement it. You can add a garden setting to improve the whole mood of your artwork.

  1. Finish Off

After coloring your Hawaiian Hibiscus, then you can add some final touch-ups. If there are any mistakes, you can use an eraser to correct them.

And there you have it. After following the steps listed above, you will be able to color a stunning Hawaiian hibiscus flower coloring page.