How to Color Ariel Coloring Page

Ariel the Little Mermaid is one of the most loved Disney princesses. Coloring the beautiful princess Ariel from the little mermaid cartoon is an exciting activity for fans of this cartoon. Ariel has long bright red hair, green mermaid tail and her blue or purple bra top.

Coloring her is a way of giving life to this character on a piece of paper. In this blog post, we will use different coloring techniques and coloring materials to color Ariel the little mermaid and make her appear lifelike.

Coloring Page of Ariel

Coloring Supplies Needed to Color Ariel

You need to have a set of coloring supplies before you can start coloring Ariel the little mermaid coloring page. Here are the required coloring supplies:

These are the required coloring supplies that you need to start coloring Ariel. Once you have these coloring supplies, then you can start coloring Ariel.

Steps on How to Color Ariel Coloring Page

In this section of this blog post, I will guide you on how to color Ariel using different coloring techniques and coloring supplies to bring her to life on paper.

  1. Get a Coloring Page of Ariel

Download Ariel coloring pages from our collection of Ariel coloring pages. See the link.

  1. Choose Your Coloring Medium

The type of coloring medium that you use to color Ariel will affect your coloring. Each coloring medium has its unique qualities. To color Ariel, you can either use watercolor, crayons, coloring pencils, or markers. Pick the coloring medium that you are comfortable using.

  1. Select Your Color Palette

Next, you choose the color palette that you want to use to color Ariel. The color palette for Ariel consists of red, green, and blue. The color of Ariel’s hair is red, blue, or purple for the top, and green for the mermaid tail. You can color Ariel in these colors or try out other bright colors.

4. Start With the Primary Colors

Start by coloring Ariel’s body with the base color. To color Ariel’s body, use cream-colored coloring pencils or crayons. Start with a lighter shade and gradually move to a darker shade. Use cream-colored coloring pencils to color the hands, face, and body. Leave the top area blank because you will use another color for this part.

5. Color Ariel’s Hair

After coloring Ariel’s body, it’s time to color her hair. Use a bright red color to color Ariel’s hair. Start with a lighter shade of red and gradually move to a darker shade of red to create a smooth transition between the shades of color.

6. Color The Top

Use the color blue or purple to color Ariel’s bra top. Start with a lighter shade of either blue or purple and slowly move to a darker shade of blue or purple. You can also use another color to paint the top if you want.

7. Color The Mermaid Tail

The color of Ariel’s mermaid tail is green. To color Ariel’s mermaid tail, use the color green. Start with a lighter shade of green and use darker shades of green to create a gradient effect.

8. Add Shading

Shading the Ariel drawing will give it depth and dimension. Use a quality pencil to create various shades.

9. Blend The Colors

Blend the colors to create a smooth look. Blending the colors will soften the edges and create a lifelike appearance.

10. Add Highlights

If you want to make your Ariel drawing stand out, then you can add some highlights by using a white gel pen. Adding highlights will give the coloring depth and dimension.

11. Finishing Touches

Take a moment to review your work and add any final touch-ups if you want. Make use of an eraser to wipe off any errors.

And there you have it. With the steps listed above, you will be able to color Ariel the little mermaid coloring page.