How to Color Baby Shark Coloring Page

Baby Shark is a widely popular kids’ song. If you are a fan of this song, then you must be excited to color Baby Shark coloring page. Coloring the Baby Shark is an exciting and creative activity that you can embark on during your leisure time.

Coloring Baby Shark coloring page is an opportunity to express your creativity by using different colors and coloring techniques to give life to this character.  In this blog post, I will provide a detailed guideline on how to color Baby Shark and bring this character to life. We have free printable coloring pages of Baby shark for print and download on this website. See the link to Baby Shark coloring pages.

Coloring page of Baby Shark

Supplies Needed to Color Baby Shark

To start coloring Baby Shark in your drawing book, you need to have certain coloring supplies which are:

These are the coloring supplies needed to color Baby Shark drawings. Once you have these coloring supplies, then you can proceed to the next step.

How to Color Baby Shark Coloring Page

The steps outlined in this section will guide you on how to color Baby Shark drawings by using different bright colors and coloring techniques.

  1. Pick Your Coloring Materials

Before you start coloring, carefully choose the type of coloring material that you want to use to color Baby Shark.  You can either use crayons, colored pencils, markers, and watercolors.

  1. Pick Your Color Palette

Choose the color palette that you want to use to color your Baby Shark drawing. The Bay Shark is painted in bright colors, so use colors such as white, yellow, pink, and blue. You can also use other bright colors to make it unique.

  1. Color the Baby Shark’s Body

The color of the baby shark is blue-gray or gray and it has a white belly. Color the shark’s body with a light gray color or blue-gray color.  Use a white colored pencil to color the belly of the Baby Shark. When you are coloring, use a gentle touch.

  1. Color The Shark’s Eyes

The Baby Shark has black eyes. Use a black colored marker or a black colored pencil to color the shark’s eyes. To make your drawing realistic, add a small white dot to each eye.

  1. Color The Fins and Tail

Next, you color the Baby Shark’s fin and tail. Make use of a blue-gray color or a light gray color to color the fins.

  1. Add Depth and Texture

Use different shade of  the same color to add depth and textue to your coloring.  Use lighter and darker shade of blue to create dimension in the body of the shark. You can also blend and layer different colors tot get the desired effect.

  1. Highlight and Shade

If you want the baby shark to appear realistic, you can highlight and add shading. Make use f a darker gray color to add shadow and depth to the body of the shark. Furthermore, use a white colored marker or pencil to add highlights to the sharks fin and body.

  1. Finishing Touches

After you are done coloring, then you can add some final touch-ups. If there are any errors, then you can use an eraser to wipe them off. You can also add a background to the drawing to complement it. You can add bubbles, or seaweed to your drawing.

And there you have it. By following the steps listed above, you will be able to color Baby Shark coloring page and bring this character to life on paper.