How To Color Charmander Coloring Page

If Charmander is your favorite Pokemon character, then you are sure to have fun coloring it in your drawing book. Charmander is a fire-type Pokemon and adding colors to the Charmander drawing is a way of bringing it to life on a piece of paper.  

Even if you are coloring for fun or an artist, you can engage in the creative activity of coloring a Charmander. In this blog post, I will provide steps on how to color a Charmander using different coloring techniques and coloring materials. Furthermore, if you need a charmander coloring page, you can visit our website to download some. Here is the link  

Supplies Needed To Color a Charmander Coloring Page 

Before you start coloring a Charmander in your drawing book, you will need to have a set of coloring supplies such as: 

The list above is the required coloring supplies needed to color a Charmander drawing. As soon as you have these coloring supplies at hand, then you can start coloring the Charmander in your drawing book.  

Coloring page of Pokemon Charmander

How To Color a Charmander Coloring Page

Coloring a Charmander is an exciting activity to engage in. The steps below will guide you on how to color a Charmander and give life to this drawing.   

     1.Get a Coloring Page 

This is the first step. You need to visit our coloring page and download a Charmander coloring page from our collection. Here is the link  


    2.Select Your Coloring Medium 

Select the type of coloring material that you want to use to color the Charmander. You can either use watercolor, crayons, coloring pencils, and markers. Make sure that you choose the one you are comfortable using and the one that will help you achieve te desired effect.  


    3.Choose Your Color Palette 

Choose the colors that you want to use to color the Charmander. The Charmander has an orange body and blue eyes. You can use these colors to paint the Charmander’s body or try other bright colors.  


     4.Color The Charmander’s Body  

Start by coloring the Charmander’s body. For this part make use of the color orange. Start with a lighter shade of orange and then gradually move to a darker shade. Make use of lighter strokes to fill in the body.  


     5.Color The Eyes and Belly 

Next, you color the Charmander’s eyes and belly. Use a bright blue color for the Charmander’s eyes and use a cream-colored coloring pencil to paint the belly.  


     6.Add Highlights 

Highlights are one of the coloring techniques that enhance your artwork and make it appear lifelike. If you want to add highlights to the Charmander’s body, use either yellow or white color. You can apply accents to the tip of the Charmander’s ears and the tail.  


      7.Include Details  

Detailing makes your artwork stand out. To add details, focus on little details such as the flames on the tail, its eyes, and claws.  Furthermore, you can use different shades of white, blue, and yellow to color them and make them pop.  


      8.Add Background  

If you want to complement the Charmander coloring, then you can add a background. You can add a fiery background or a grassy field to complement the Charmander.  



     9.Finishing Touches  

After you are done coloring, you can review your work and check for any errors. If there are any errors, use an eraser to wipe them off. You can also add any final touch-ups if needed.  

And there you have it. By following the steps listed above, you will be able to color a Charmander in your drawing book.  





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