How To Color Donald Duck Coloring Page

Donald Duck is one of Disney’s iconic characters and by coloring this character, you will be able to give life to the drawing. Millions of people around the world love Donald Duck. Through this funny and pompous personality, Donald Duck has become a fan’s favorite.  

Coloring Donald Duck is an exciting activity that you can do in your leisure time. Through the addition of vibrant colors, you will be able to bring life to this drawing. In this write-up, I will provide a guideline on how to color Donald Duck. In addition, if you need a Donald Duck coloring page, you can check out our website here.

Coloring Supplies Needed To Color Donald Duck Coloring Page  

To start coloring Donald Duck, you need to gather certain coloring supplies which include:  

These are the lust of coloring supplies that you need to be able to color Donald Duck. Once you have gathered all these coloring supplies, then you can proceed to the next step.  

How To Color Donald Duck Coloring Page  

Coloring Donald Duck is an exciting activity of you are a fan of this Disney Character. To guide you on how to color, you can follow the steps below 

     1.Sketch The Outline  

Sketch the outline of Donald Duck using a quality pencil. Sketch the outline of his head, body, and other features. Focus on the details such as the bowtie, sailor hat, and his beak. After outlining the features then you can start coloring.  


    2.Pick Your Coloring Medium  

Next, select the coloring medium you want to use to color the Donald Duck. The type of coloring medium that you choose will affect the desired result. You can either use watercolor, crayons, coloring pencils, or markers. Choose the coloring medium that you are comfortable with.  


    3.Select Your Color Palette  

Choose the colors that you want to use to color the Donald Duck drawing. It is important to choose the colors that will make the artwork appear realistic. To color Donald Duck consider using bright yellow, blue, orange, red, and black. The color yellow will be used to color the outline of the shirt, orange will be used for the beak and feet, blue for the shirt, red for the bowtie, and white for the body.  


     4.Color Donald’s Sailor Suit 

The color of Donald Duck’s Sailor suit is blue.  Start by coloring his suit with a light shade of blue and then leave the other details such as the buttons untouched. To add depth to the drawing, use a darker shade of blue.  


     5.Color The Body  

The body of Donald Duck is white, so use a white-colored pencil or a cream-colored pencil to color the body. To add depth, you can use 


        6.Color The Beak and Feet  

Next, color Donald Duck’s beak and feet. Make use of a bright orange color to paint the beak and the feet. Fill in the shapes and colors within the lines.  


     7.Color The Eyes  

To color Donald Duck’s eyes, use a white colored pencil.  You can also use a white colored crayon to color the eyes. For the pupils, use a black colored pencil. If you want the pupils to appear expressive, then you can add highlights with a white-colored pencil. 


      8.Blend The Colors  

To add depth and create dimension in your drawing, you can blend different shades of the same color. Gradually layer different shades of the same color and blend them to add texture to the drawing.  


      9.Highlight and Shade  

If you want to add depth and dimension to your drawing, then you can highlight and shade the drawing.  Try using different highlighting and shading techniques for your coloring.  


       10.Add Details  

As soon as you are done coloring, take your time to refine the details. Make use of a yellow colored pencil to shade and highlight Donald’s beak and feet to make it appear realistic. In addition, you can add extra details to the sailor suit such as the collar and the buttons.  


      11.Add Background 

To complement Donald Duck’s drawing, you can add background. You can add waves and also a boat to make the coloring unique.  


       12.Final Touches  

Once you are done coloring, you can review your work and check for any mistakes. If there are any mistakes, you can use an eraser to wipe them off. Furthermore, you can also add final touches to your work.  

By adhering to the steps listed above, you will be able to color Donald Duck. Coloring Donald Duck drawing enables you to be creative and give life to this drawing. 





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