How To Color Goofy Coloring Page

Goofy is one of the beloved characters from the Micky Mouse cartoon. He is one of the close buddies of both Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This well-known Disney character is famous for his silly demeanor and clumsy behavior.  

Coloring the Goofy coloring page will be an exciting endeavor for fans of this Disney character. This is why I will make the job easier for you by providing a detailed guide on how to color the Goofy coloring page. Furthermore, if you need coloring pages of Goofy, you can check out our website here.  

Coloring Supplies Needed to Color Goofy Coloring Page 

There are a few coloring supplies you need to gather before you can start coloring the Goofy coloring page. Here is a list of the required coloring supplies: 

These are the required coloring supplies that you need to have before you can start coloring a Goofy Coloring page.  

Steps On How to Color Goofy Coloring Page 

If you are ready to start coloring the Goofy coloring pages, then you can follow the steps outlined in this section.  

     1.Get a Coloring Page 

Firstly, you need to get a Goofy coloring page. You can visit our website here to download the Goofy coloring page from our vast collection.  


     2.Select Your Coloring Medium  

Select the type of coloring medium you want to use to color the Goofy coloring page. There are different types of coloring mediums and each of these has its qualities. For coloring medium, you have options such as coloring pencils, watercolors, markers, and crayons. Furthermore, select the type of coloring medium that will produce your desired effect. 


     3.Plan Your Color Scheme  

Arrange the colors that you want to use to color Goofy coloring page. For the color scheme, you can use colors such as black, green, blue, yellow or orange. These are the traditional colors of Goofy. In addition, you can choose to use these colors or use other color scheme.  


     4.Start Coloring with The Primary Colors 

After planning out your color scheme, now you can start coloring the Disney character. Start by coloring Goofy’s face. To color his face, use a light shade of brown to color half of his face. Then, use black colored pencil to color the upper part of his face and his ears. For his nose, you can use the color black to paint it.  


     5.Color Goofy’s Outfit  

Goofy wears a turtle neck and a vest along with long pants, shoes and his white gloves. To color Goofy’s outfit, use the color yellow for his turtle neck shirt. Start with a lighter shade of yellow and then slowly move to a darker shade of yellow. For his vest, use the color black. Furthermore, to color Goofy’s pant and hat use the color blue. Lastly, for his shoes, use the color brown to color his shoes.  


     6.Highlight and Shade  

By adding highlights and shading, your Goofy coloring will appear lifelike and have dimension. If you want to add highlights to your coloring, you can start with a lighter shade of color. For shading, you can use the darker shade of color. 


     7.Try Blending the Colors  

Blending creates a unique color scheme and makes your artwork appear lifelike. While coloring the Goofy coloring page, you can try the blending technique. To blend the colors, start with a light shade of color and then gently layer the colors to establish an even transition between the colors.  


     8.Add Details 

Adding details to your artwork makes it stand out. To add details to your Goofy coloring page, you can add details such as Goofy’s teeth, his hat and other accessories.  


     9.Final Touches  

And now you have reached the last step of your coloring process. After you are done coloring, take a few minutes to review your artwork and check for any mistake. If there are any mistake, you can use an eraser to wipe them off.  

And you are done. If you want to color Goofy coloring page, then you can follow the few steps listed above.  





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