How To Color Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Hello, Kitty is an iconic character whose charms have won the hearts of millions of people.  For decades, this lovable character has been people’s favorite.  Both kids and adults may enjoy doing a Hello Kitty coloring page as a soothing and enjoyable pastime.  

If Hello Kitty is one of your favorite character then, I will provide a step-by-step process on how to color Hello Kitty by using a unique coloring palette and techniques to bring color to the Hello Kitty character. In addition, if you need a Lamborghini coloring page, you can check out our website here.

Coloring Supplies Needed to Color Hello Kitty Coloring Page  

Before drawing and coloring Hello Kitty, there are some supplies that you need to have and they include:  

The above listed are the coloring supplies needed to color Hello Kitty. Now that you have prepared the necessary materials, here is how to start.  

How To Color Hello Kitty Coloring Page  

Once you have all the coloring supplies that you need, the next step is to color the Hello Kitty character. The steps listed below will guide you: 

      1.Get a Coloring Page  

The first step is to download a coloring page from our coloring collection. Here is the link 


     2.Ready Your Worksurface 

Before you start coloring, look for a flat surface where you can color. This way you will be comfortable when you are coloring the Hello Kitty character.  


       3.Select The Right Coloring  Medium  

This is the first step that you need to do before coloring. Choose the right coloring medium that will give you your desired effect. You can use watercolors, coloring pencils, crayons, and even markers. Choose the coloring medium that you are comfortable using.  


      4.Pick Your Color Palette  

Next, you select the color scheme you want to use to color the Hello Kitty character. The traditional colors of Hello Kitty include white, pink, black, blue, and yellow. You can use this color scheme or try out other colors.  


       5. Start Coloring  

You can start by adding color to Hello Kitty  head and ear with pink (a soft shade is recommended). As for her eyes and nose, you can use bright yellow and bright red for her bow. For a more desirable effect, you can make use of coloring markers or pencils. Be sure to put some shading to give her face dimension and depth. 


       6.Include Depth and Detail  

Once you are done coloring, the next thing to do is to add depth and details to your coloring. You can use darker shades if you want to add shading to Hello Kitty’s fur.  Focus on the areas where the light hits and use darker shades to create a shadow. This will give it a dimension and a realistic look. 


        7.Add Highlights 

To make your coloring appear realistic, you can add highlights. Use a darker shade of your color palette to add highlights to her bow and eyes to bring them out 


       8.Try Other Patterns and Textures 

You can try different textures and patterns for Hello Kitty dress, bows, and other accessories.  You can add polka dots, flora designs, and even stripes to Hello Kitty’s accessories.  


      9.Finishing Touches 

I know that Hello Kitty must be looking nice but we need to add some final touches so after you are done coloring her, review it again. You can make adjustments when needed. If there are any errors, you can use the eraser to get rid of them. Lastly, use the black marker or pen to outline the drawing for a shaper look.  

You can try different colors to paint your Hello Kitty drawing. Don’t hold back on your creativity and let your imagination run wild while coloring.  





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