How to Color a Minion Coloring Page

Minions are loveable creatures from the famous cartoon franchise- Despicable Me. These little yellow, pill-shaped creatures have captivated the hearts of millions of people with their adorable appearance. If you are a fan of minions, then you are sure to have fun coloring these hilarious creatures.

Coloring minions is an exciting activity for both kids and adults. In this blog post, I will provide steps on how to color the adorable little creature-minion and bring this drawing to life. By adding lively colors to the minions’ coloring page, you will be able to give life to this loveable cartoon character and add your personal touch. Also, we have free printable coloring pages of Minions for your coloring fun. See the link to the free printable coloring pages of Minions.

Coloring Supplies Needed To Color A Minion

There are several coloring supplies that you need to have to be able to color the minions and bring them to life. Here are the coloring supplies needed:

After you gather all the coloring supplies listed above, then you can start coloring the process of coloring the minion drawing.

Free coloring page of Minions

Steps On How to Color the Minion

Coloring the adorable little creatures- minions is a fun activity. The steps listed below will guide you on how to color the minions and bring them to life on paper.

Download a minion coloring page from our collection. See link

The type of coloring medium that you use for coloring the minions’ will affect the outcome of your coloring. Choose the coloring medium that you are comfortable using. There are different coloring mediums to choose from and they include coloring pencils, watercolors, crayons, and makers.

The color of the minion’s body is yellow. To color the minion body in your coloring page, use a bright yellow. Use even and smooth strokes to fill the whole body and leave the facial area untouched.

Minions wear blue denim jumpers or overalls. If you want to color the minion’s denim overalls, you a medium blue color. You can add some shading with a gray color or a darker shade of blue.

Minions have just a few strands of hair. To color the hair, use a black colored marker or coloring pencils.  You can also add texture to make the drawing appear realistic. You can use the cross-hatching technique or hatching.

Minions’ eyes are large and expressive. If you want to color the eyes, use a light green or blue colored pencil for the iris and a black color for the pupil. If you want a more realistic look, you can add some highlights with a white colored pencil.

Use a slightly darker shade of yellow to add depth to the minion’s body. Pay attention to the areas where the shadow will naturally fall such as under the arms, under the goggles, and around the edges of the jumper. Slowly layer the colors to create a dimensional effect.

Color the minion Goggles by using a mixture of gray and black colors to paint the frame and the strap of the goggles.

Add details to the minion drawing. You can add a touch of black to highlight the pockets and seams. Focus on the little details because they will make the drawing appear realistic.

To finish the minion’s coloring, add some final touch-ups such as the mouth, or a logo on the overalls. Use a black marker for accuracy and make sure that the lines are well-defined.

Use a gel pen or white colored pencils to add highlights to the Minion eyes and the goggles.  Adding highlights will create a reflective and shiny effect which will give the drawing life.

And there you have it. By following the steps listed above, you will be able to color a minion.  You can experiment with different colors and coloring techniques to make the minion unique.