How To Color Moana Coloring Page

Moana is one of the fan’s favorites; coloring her would be a fun activity for kids and adults. This Disney character is known for her fearlessness and love for the ocean and coloring her drawing would be an exciting activity.  

By adding colors to Moana’s drawing, you will be able to express your creativity and use vibrant colors to bring Moana’s drawing to life. In this blog post, I will provide steps on how to color Moana using various colors and coloring techniques. In addition, you can also visit our website to get Moana coloring pages. Here is the link  

Coloring Supplies Needed to Color Moana Coloring Page  

Before you can start coloring Moana, you need to have certain coloring supplies which include:   

The above-mentioned are the coloring supplies that you need to gather to be able to color Moana’s drawing.  

How To Color Moana Coloring Page  

Coloring Moana is an exciting activity if you are a fan of this Disney Character. If you want to color Moana but you don’t know how to, you can follow the instructions below:  

       1.Get a Coloring Page 

This is the first step. You need to visit our coloring page and download the Moana coloring page from our collection. Here is the link 


       2.Select Your Coloring Medium 

When coloring, the type of coloring material you use is very important, so make sure that you pick the best option for coloring to achieve the desired look. You have options such as watercolor, crayons, coloring pencils, and markers. You can use either of these coloring materials to color Moana. 


      3.Pick Your Coloring Palette  

Carefully choose the set of colors you want to use to color Moana. Choose bright colors such as blue, green yellow, and brown to represent Moana’s island life. These colors will be able to represent Moana’s life on the island. 


      4.Start Coloring the Body  

After choosing the colors that you want to use, you can now start coloring. Start with the base which is Moana’s skin.  This brave Disney princess has a beautiful shade of brown on her skin. To color her skin, start with shades of brown. Try blending the colors smoothly to avoid any stray lines 


      5.Color Moana’s Hair  

The color of Moana’s hair is black. To color her hair, make use of a black colored pencil or marker. You can also use a brown colored pencil and gradually layer the colors.  


      5.Color Moana’s Outfits  

Next, you color Moana’s outfit. To color the outfit, use bright colors such as orange, red, and also brown. Pay attention to the details of the outfit. Try different shades of colors to add texture to the drawing.  


     7.Color The Accessories  

After coloring Moana’s outfit, you color her accessories next. Moana wears a headband, necklace, and a belt.  To color the necklace make use of brown color You can also use this color for the headbands, necklace, and belt.  


     8.Add Highlight  

If you want your coloring to appear realistic, you can add a highlight. Add highlights to the places where the shadow will naturally fall.  


    9.Add Depth and Texture  

Adding depth to your coloring gives it a lifelike appearance. Layer different shades of the same color to add depth to your drawing and give it texture.  


        10.Final Touches  

Once you are done coloring, take a moment to review your work and check for any mistakes. If there are any errors, use an eraser to wipe them off. Furthermore, you can also add any finishing touches if you like.  

And there you have it. With the steps listed above, you will be able to color Moana’s drawing and give life to the character.  

Tips On How to Color Moana  

To improve your coloring, I will provide some tips to improve your coloring and make it appear realistic, I will provide  






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