How to Color Pokemon Charmander

Are you a huge fan of Pokemon? Then you must be thrilled to color your favorite Pokemon character- Charmander. Coloring Charmander is an exciting activity for fans of Pokemon. This way you will be able to explore your artistic side and bring this character to life.

Whether you are a Pokemon enthusiast or you simply enjoy coloring, you are sure to have fun while coloring the Charmander. In this blog post, I will provide steps on how to color Charmander by using different coloring techniques and coloring materials. Also, on this website we have various coloring pages of Pokemon Characters for print and download. See the link to the free printable coloring pages of Pokemon characters for your coloring fun.

Coloring page of Pokemon Charmander

Supplies Needed to Color a Charmander

You’ll need a few coloring supplies before you can begin coloring a Charmander, and they include:

You will need the coloring supplies listed above to color a Charmander.

How To Color a Charmander

If you are a Pokémon fan who wants to add a splash of color to a Charmander, then you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Ready Your Worksurface!

Find a flat surface where you can be comfortable when coloring. You’ll get greater results when you color your Charmander drawing while you’re at ease. You can also find a cozy spot in your home to color your Charmander coloring page. Download the coloring page from our collection. See link.

  1. Choose Your Coloring Supplies

Before coloring a Charmander, choose the coloring supplies you want to use. There are lots of coloring supplies to choose from including watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Ensure that you choose the coloring supplies that you work best with as this will lead to a much better result.

  1. Choose Your Coloring Palette

Next, you choose the coloring palette that you want to color the Charmander. The colors of the Charmander are orange and blue. Orange is for the body of the Charmander and blue is for the eyes.

  1. Sketch and Outline the Charmander

Use a quality pencil to sketch and outline the body of the Charmander in your drawing book.

  1. Understand The Charmander Coloring Page

Take a look at the Charmander and pay close attention to the appearance. Pay close attention to the little details such as the pattern on the Charmander skin and also the flames at the tip of its tail.

  1. Color The Charmander ‘s Body

Start coloring the Charmander’s body with an orange color. Start by using a lighter shade of orange and gradually move to a darker shade of orange. Make use of light strokes to fill in the body.

  1. Color The Charmander’s Belly and Eyes

The Charmander has blue eyes. Use a blue color to paint the Charmander’s eyes. This will give it a vibrant and lively look. For the Charmander’s belly, use a cream color or a light yellow.

  1. Include Details

While looking at the Pokemon Charmander’s appearance, there is a small flame at the tip of its tail. Combine orange and yellow to color its tail. This will give it a fiery effect.

  1. Add Depth and Texture

While you are coloring the Pokemon Charmander, explore with different shades of red and orange. This will give the coloring depth and dimension. For the belly of the Charmander, use lighter shades of color, and use darker shades for the underbelly.

  1. Blend The Colors

Once the coloring of Charmander has reached the desired depth, blend the colors. Blending the colors will create a smooth transition between the shades of color.

  1. Highlight and Shade

If you want to add highlights to the Charmander’s body, you can use yellow and white color. You can apply highlights to the flames on its tail or at the tip of its ears. You can also add highlights to other little details to give it a distinctive look.

  1. Add Details

Color the Charmander’s eyes, flames on its tails, and the claws as well. You can color these details with white, yellow, and blue to make them stand out.

  1. Add Background

If you want to complement your Charmander drawing, you can add a background. You can add a background such as a rocky terrain or a grassy field. Make sure that the background doesn’t overshadow the Charmander drawing.

  1. Final Touches

After you’ve finished coloring, pause to appreciate your creation. You may use an eraser to fix any errors that may have occurred. If you’d like, you may also add any last touches.

And it is complete. By following the steps listed above, you will be able to color a Charmander and bring your favorite character to life.


What Is the Color Charmander?

Charmander is a reptilian Pokemon whose colors are primarily orange and blue. The body of the Charmander is orange while its eyes are blue. The sole of its feet and the underbelly are cream-colored.